Oracle Software Install

install oracle software with oui(recommended)
install oracle software with command-line
install/restore oracle software with tar/rsync

Install Restore Oracle Software With Tar Rsync

Reference (Chinese)

Usually we should install oracle software with OUI.
But we do can install oracle with backup/restore liked method based our experience (not warranted).
There 3 methods:

  • cp -p
  • rsync
  • tar

both of them is not perfect. on some os the S flag of file/dir maybe cleared by the utilities.
after we duplicated the binary files, we should also setup the environment variables and relink oracle.
make sure the user id and group id are the same as the source.

cat << __EOF__
export ORACLE_HOME=...
pushd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
make -f ioracle

result of oracle installation

iSQL*Plus URL:


How install Oracle Database 10g Express Edition on Windows Vista

Andrew Sergeev shared his experience of oracle 10g installation on vista.

1) Download Oracle Database 10g Express Edition
2) Open in Windows Firewall 1522, 2030, 8080 ports
3) Run as Vista Administrator the Oracle install programm - OracleXEUniv.exe
4) Install Oracle.