Database Management

Oracle Management Categories

It's a wide topic of Oracle management knowledge, I think it can be list as following.

Init Parameters(ja)

Init parameters are paramters to control Oracle behavior.

Oracle Software (ja)

Oracle DB software is the binary executable files.

Oracle Database (ja)

Oracle Database is the unit to store related data.

Storage Management(ja)

Oracle storage management task include tablespace, datafile and ASM management.

Instance (ja)

Oracle database instance is the set of executed processes and shared memory.


Oracle DB memory management is the management of SGA, PGA, UGA.

Redo and Undo Management


Oracle database table is a unit to store one data entity or one relation.


Oracle Database network service.


Oracle Performance Tuning

Collaboration consistence(ja)

Oracle database collaboration feature is not a physical feature, but it's a important feature of Oracle.


Oracle database index is DB object to fasten query execution or ensure the uniqual of table.


Oracle Database is a good database that provide lots of backup and recovery method for product environment.


SQL*Loader is the utility to load flat file.

Resource Manager(ja)

Resource manager is the feature to restrict the resource consumption and optimize the resource allocation and fasten the entire system.

Oracle Scheduler and Jobs


DB Security(ja)


* Load Test(ja)
* Linux IO Benchmark


Data Transport(ja)

Management Utility

Oracle Enterprise Manager(ja)


High Availability

Other Advanced Topics


Individual Oracle Software and Thridparty Software

Tasks and Samples

Management Tips

Oracle Source File

  • sql
  • pls - plsql source file
  • pks - plsql source file
  • plb - plsql text file
  • pkb - plsql text file