Applications And Utilities

As a end user, applications and utilities are the most useful software. As a developer or administrator, applications and utilities are the most important aspect to provide service to end users.

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Package Software

The most important package softwares are ERP, SCM, CRM/SFA, e-Commerce, Groupware, and CMS.


ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning system, and former MRP (Manufacture Requirement Planning) and MRP II (Manufacture Resource Planning). Nowadays the word ERP means not only ERP system, but a methodology for enterprise management. It addresses on the balance and management of various resource throughout entire enterprise.

In this area, SAP and Oracle are the biggest group of vendor.


SCM means Supply Chain Management system. As same as ERP, SCM is a methodology for enteprise management. It resolves the problem of supplying and consuming area among multiple vendor and consumer.


CRM means Customer Relation Management system. Nowadays, it's core of marketing management.


Groupware and Communication


Content Management System