Recover Path-Changed Datafile

There 2 pattern

1. To recover path-changed datafile, database will report a error when recovery process the path-changed entry. you have to manually move datafile.


[[code type="sql"]
original path /u01/test.dbf
10:00 take a full backup
11:00 move file to /u02/test.dbf
11:30 recognize problem, and need recover database to 11:15
[[code type="sql"]
restore 10:00 backup,(the path of datafile is /u01/test.dbf)
recover, database will report error (dbwr file not found and so on)when reach 11:00 enties.
move /u01/test.dbf to /u02/test.dbf manually
continue recover.

2. alter tablespace XXX add datafile
need no manual processing. all the information in redo log will let oracle do right thing.
(some early version may raise the same error as pattern 1, you should execute the following command manually).
[[code type="sql"]
alter database create datafile file# as '/file_path/file_name'

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