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When install Titanium Studio 3.4 on Windows XP, the installer reports cannot read
"C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Application Data\Appcelerator\Titanium Studio 3.3.1\9DF8AB5\plugins\com.appcelerator.titanium.core_3.1.2.1410892015\com\appcelerator\titanium\core\internal\cli\TitaniumSDKCommandHandlersRegistry$CommandHandlerHolder$1.class".

It seems the installer extract the files into <USER_HOME>\Application Data\Appcelerator as a temp directory and then copy to the path we install to.

But the temp directory path is too long to Windows XP.
I tried to copy the file with Windows Explorer and command prompt, but failed with "cannot read" error.
And then I try to copy the file with Cygwin cp, succeed. (Attention, msys cp will not work!)

But I cannot create Titanium application, yet. It reports the SDK cannot found. And I cannot find information about this case via Google Search.

I solve the Titanium SDK problem with it's CLI. Click Terminal Icon of Titanium Studio, and enter:

$ titanium sdk
 # this step will tell you the sdk is not found, though the titanium SDK is installed with Titanium Studio
$ titanium sdk install
 # this step will install the latest Titanium SDK

Then We can create projects with CLI:

$ titanium create -d . -n AlloyDemo
What type of project would you like to create?
 1)  app
 2)  module
Select a type by number or name [app]: app
Target platform (all|mobileweb|android|blackberry) [all]: all      
App ID [org.titaniumdemo.AlloyDemo]:
Your company/personal URL [http://titaniumdemo.org]:
 # ... lots of log here
$ cd AlloyDemo
$ titanium build -p mobileweb
 # ... lots of log here
$ alloy new
 # ... lots of log here

The project is created and can be build with CLI successfully. So next step, We import it into Titanium Studio.

Select menu File > import > Titanium > Existing Mobile Project

OK! It works fine with my XP, just as which in my Mac box.


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